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Main Tours for 2017

To Find Out More About The Tour Just Click On The Tour Number.

Where tours are marked as FULL, a reserve list will be taken.

AT1701 Texas Superbowl / Mexico & Boatshow February 03-20th February RUN
AT1701A Texas Superbowl February 03-11th February RUN
AT1701B Mexico / Miami Boatshow February 10-20th February RUN
AT1702 India 2017 February 11-19th February RUN
AT1703 AERO 2017 FRIEDRICHSHAFEN March 30-08th April RUN
AT1704A Storage Yards April 22-03rd May RUN
AT1704B Freight hubs & Kentucky Derby May 04-08th May RUN
AT1704 Storage Yards / Freight hubs April 22-08th May RUN
AT1705 Kazakhstan revisited May 12-20th May RUN
AT1706 IRELAND 2017 May 25-02nd June RUN
AT1707 Paris Airshow 2 Nights June 16-19th June RUN
AT1708 Paris Airshow Special June 16-22nd June RUN
AT1709 Iceland Long Weekend June 23-26th June RUN
AT1713A Moscow Airshow July 15-21st July RUN
AT1710 Poland Tour July 22-29th July RUN
AT1711 Romania / Bulgaria / Serbia Tour July 29-06th August RUN
AT1712 Eastern European Joint Tour July 22-06th August RUN
AT1713 Moscow Week August 12-18th August RUN
AT1714 Frankfurt / Koln / Dusseldorf Weekend August 25-28th August RUN
AT1715 China In Depth September 09-23rd September RUN
AT1716 NBAA Vegas October 07-15th October RUN
AT1717 Brasil / Argentina October 06-19th October RUN
AT1718 Dubai Airshow November 11-16th November RUN

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